20-21 School Year Resources

First Day of School

School Uniform

**Please hold off on purchasing uniforms at this time. We are still awaiting network guidance on what the uniform policy will be for the 20-21 school year.

Kelly Green AFCHES Shirt with school logo K-2 wear navy blue bottoms 3-4 wear khaki bottoms. The school shirts are only sold at IDEAL. You can purchase uniform bottoms from any vendor. Below is the link to access our IDEAL page.

IDEAL Uniform Store (Click Here)

Health Forms

It is required that an updated Health Form be provided to the school every year. Please use the summer months to make doctor appointments, so that we have accurate health information for your scholar upon the start of the school year. Updated Health Forms and Immunization Records are due 9/2/20.

All scholars ages 2 month- 18 years in NYC must get the following vaccinations in order to attend. The following are the age five vaccines: Dtap, IPV, MMR, Hep B, Varicella for chickenpox, PCV, Hib. As you know, there was recently a large measles outbreak in NYC. Scholars who do not have the required vaccines by the deadline will be excluded from school. Meaning if they are eligible for the vaccine and do not receive it, they wont be allowed to attend.

If your child has a health condition, they may benefit from taking prescribed medicine at school or a skilled nursing treatment. Talk to your child’s health care provider. Ask if taking medicine at school or a skilled nursing treatment would help your child better manage his health condition…

All students with a diagnosis such as asthma, allergies or diabetes should submit a Medication Administration Form to their school.

Submitting a Medication Administration Form enables the school nurse to treat your child in the case of a medical emergency. Even if your child can take his/her own medicine, it is important for the school clinical team to be aware of the student’s medical needs in case of an emergency.

They are accepted on a rolling basis, but you should submit as early as possible so that we can best meet your scholar’s needs. You must also submit a new Medication Administration Form each school year. The present school year should be at the top of the form.

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