AFCHES Updates 8/31

We know there are many questions surrounding what school will look like this Fall. We do not yet have all the answers, but hope to provide the updates we do have in this email. Please read through to the end and take a look at the attached documents and links, as there are some important updates about the beginning of the school year.

School Calendar:

You will find attached AFCHES’ school calendar for the 20-21 school year. We don’t yet know when we may transition from remote learning to a hybrid model. As soon as we have updated information, we will share it with you. Click Here! 

Health Information: 

Please thoroughly review the attached “AFCHES Medical Letter 20-21 ” for detailed information. This document includes information on requirements for Immunization Records , Health Examination Forms , IEP and 504 Forms (for Diabetes , Asthma , Allergies  or Medications). These forms are due by the first day of in-person schooling and can be submitted in person on this day or via email to Please take time to review this document as there is further important information about what these forms must include.

First Days of School: 

For more detailed information on the daily schedule during the first month of school, please take a look at the attached Reopening Calendar. Click Here! 

Attendance Expectations:

It is important that even during remote learning your scholar is attending school virtually every day. Please take a look at the attached document on Attendance Expectations. It provides detailed information on the school’s expectations on attendance during this time. Click Here! 

Lunch Form Information:

Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary School is required by the City of New York to collect a completed lunch form, or official documentation indicating eligibility for free/priced lunch, for every student. To remain compliant with NYC, we must have 100% of our families complete a lunch forms by Friday, September 11th.  The attached document provides further information and a link to fill out the required form. Click Here! 

Campus Portal Information:

Last spring we asked families to set up Campus Portal accounts to view scholars’ progress reports. To this end, we sent every parent an email with information on how to activate and log into this account. We will be sending another email with this information for those who missed it next week. We have also included in this email a family guide to Campus Portal, which provides directions for use and information on Campus Portal’s features. We will be using Campus Portal to post grades and share attendance. You will also be able to use the message center to communicate with us directly and to request changes to household/contact information. We will not be using the assignments function – teachers will explain how students should view and submit assignments after the school year has officially begun. We will also not be using the fee feature, as we do not require any school fees.Campus Portal Family Guide: Click Here! 

Remote Learning Survey:

Families, if you have not taken the remote learning survey provided by Achievement First, which provides the space for families to tell us their preferences in relation to remote and in-person learning, please do so now. If you do not complete this survey, your child will automatically be places in remote learning by default. To take the survey and share your preference, please follow this link.

We know that there are many more questions to answer and we will provide as much information as possible as soon as we can.

If you have questions about any of the information shared and its attachments, please feel free to email us at

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