Family Resources

Hi AFCHES families, 

As we continue to process the events that took place in Uvalde, Texas– we as the social work team wanted to provide you all with more resources and extra support on how to navigate the day and week. We know that you are your own experts with managing your feelings and implementing coping mechanisms, so these are extra tips in case you are feeling stuck.

We want to encourage you all to take time to process and honor your own feelings and emotions even before you navigate through a potential conversation with your scholars. This is important because we want to ensure that our scholars are not exposed to our own anxieties and can feel reassured and safe with our thoughts and feelings that we can verbalize in an age-appropriate manner. 

Know that you are not alone, and we encourage you to lean into your support systems as you continue to navigate and process this most recent event. Below are some resources that we hope can be helpful to inform next steps including having age-appropriate conversations with your scholar.

– AFCHES Social Work Team

Ms. Park and Ms. Williams

Now Accepting Applications for the 2022-2023 School Year!

Great News! Our 2022-2023 school year application is now open and we are still also enrolling scholars for this school year as well! 
We urge you to share this amazing opportunity with your friends and family in need of a school community such as AF! 
As a reminder, current AF scholars do not need to reapply to AF and enter the lottery again.

Whether you have incoming siblings that you would like to send to Achievement First or if you have family or friends interested in our schools, we encourage you to submit today to take advantage of upcoming virtual events and opportunities! To apply, simply click here, create an account or log into your SchoolMint account, and complete the application by April 1, 2022.

COVID-19 Safety Policy Update

New York Families,

Since the start of the pandemic, safety has been our top priority. Our collective hard work of consistently following CDC guidelines resulted in successfully minimizing the spread of COVID-19 within our schools. Today, I am writing an important update about Achievement First’s approach to masking in our schools.

The CDC recently shifted it’s COVID-19 guidance for K-12 schools, no longer  recommending mask requirements for schools in communities with low to medium risk of COVID-19 spread and severity at the community level. New York State’s Governor Kathy Hochul lifted the state-wide school mask mandate earlier this week, and the New  York City Department of Education announced earlier today that beginning on Monday, March 7th, the school mask mandate will be lifted.

Given the CDC guidance and the DOE’s announcement, our AF high schools will shift from “masks required” to “masks highly recommended”  beginning on Monday, March 7th. We will support staff and families in the choice they make for themselves and their families, and continue to provide high quality masks for staff and students who choose to wear them.

Our AF elementary and middle schools will implement the district policy one week later, on March 14.  We will ask all elementary and middle school families to send their scholars to school with a mask until March 14, and we will have additional masks available for those who may not bring them. We will continue to provide high-quality masks for all those who wish to use them through the end of the school year.

If you would like your scholar to continue wearing a mask, we ask that you ensure your scholar is clear on your expectations for them keeping their mask on all day. While masks will be highly recommended, our staff will not be tracking or managing family preference on student masking as we focus on implementing our other safety measures.

Please note that once the mask mandate is lifted, masks will still be required in the following situations: 

  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, is asymptomatic and returns on Day 6 of infection, they must wear a high-quality mask for days 6-10. 
  • If a staff member has a vaccine exemption, they must continue to wear a high-quality mask to school daily. 

It is also our expectation that students/staff members who have been exposed to COVID-19 wear a mask while at school for 10 days after the date of exposure. 

Masks may also be required in the following situations: 

  • When COVID-19 Activity Level is elevated in our communities, we may reinstate universal masking.
  • During an outbreak or general increase in cases, universal masking in affected classrooms may be required. 

All of our other safety mitigation strategies, including ventilation, social distancing, hand hygiene, and staying home while sick, will continue to be in place. Our website includes information on all of our updated policies.  

If you are interested in opting your child into the weekly asymptomatic COVID-19 testing program please fill out THIS FORM

With Gratitude
Achievement First

COVID-19 Safety Practices

Hi families,

As a reminder there are several policies in place in regards to COVID-19. Please be sure to review the policies below and contact the main office if your student falls into any of these categories.

  • If your student has tested positive for COVID-19 via an at home, rapid, or PCR test, you must do the following:
    • Quarantine your student for 10 days regardless of vaccination status.
    • Submit a copy of your test results or test to the main office. You must provide the school with the date symptoms started and/or the date the test was taken.
    • Your student cannot return to the building without confirmation that they have quarantined for the full 10 days.
  • If your student was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, you must do the following:
    • If your student IS vaccinated and not experiencing any symptoms: they can return on Thursday, 1/13 ONLY if proof of vaccination has been submitted to the school.
    • iF your student is unvaccinated and not experiencing symptoms: they must quarantine for 10 days OR receive a negative result for a lab test taken at least 5 days after the day the infected person was last with them, they may return after Day 7.
    • If your student is experiencing symptoms and WAS exposed: quarantine for 10 days after the infected person was last with them regardless of test results.
  • If your student is experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 (and was NOT exposed), you must do the following:
    • Receive a Positive Test: Quarantine for 10 days from first day of symptoms
    • Receive a Negative Test:  Confirmed fever-free for 24 hours without use of medication AND is experiencing overall improvement in symptoms
    • No Test: Quarantine for 10 days from first day of symptoms
  • Awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test (was NOT exposed and is NOT experiencing symptoms), you must:
    • Wait until you receive their NEGATIVE results before sending them to school. 

While students are not required to return to school with a negative COVID-19 test, we are strongly encouraging this for all the entire AF Crown Heights Elementary School. It is incredibly important that you do NOT send your student to school if they are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have recently been exposed to a positive individual.

AF will continue to contact trace and close contacts are still required to quarantine at this time: 

If your student is considered a close contact within the AF building, you WILL be contacted and be required to quarantine your student.  As always, AF determines close contacts as:

  • All students who ride a bus with a positive individual
  • Seating Charts:  if they have been within 3 feet of an infected child or 6 ft of an infected adult for a cumulative of 15+ minutes over a 24-hour period..
  • UPDATE: Due to the volume of COVID cases we may experience in the upcoming weeks, you will be notified of a close contact case via PARENTSQUARE (text, call, email) and a letter home. Please ensure you have access to parentsquare at all times.
  • School work can be accessed via Google Classroom while your student is in quarantine. 

Pending the arrival of At-Home Tests kits, they will be distributed to the following:

  • Students who develop symptoms while at school.  Your student will be sent home with a home-testing kit.
  • NOTE: The person should take the first test as soon as they arrive home, and the second test 24 hours later.
  • The student can return ONLY if the following is true:
    • They receive two negative home tests (1 taken immediately and 1 taken 24 hours later) OR if they receive a negative PCR test result.
    • They have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication/symptoms are generally improving.
  • If a student tests positive: the family must immediately inform the school and the student must quarantine for 10 days regardless of vaccination status.

Our existing safety policies are critically important to minimizing the spread of COVID in our schools. Specifically, our leadership team will double-down on the following policies:

  • Proper mask wearing – Ensuring masks are covering both mouth and nose.
  • Social distancing – Students should be 3 feet apart while masked; adults should maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • Stay home if sick – Now is the time to err on the side of being more conservative, especially given Omicron’s reported milder symptoms.
  • Ventilation – Ensure doors/windows are open and ventilation systems are in place; air purifier in each homeroom.

Upgraded High Filtration Masks

  • We are working to secure upgraded high filtration masks and will distribute these once received.
  • We strongly encourage all staff and students to wear upgraded masks until further notice.
  • For adults this means wearing a N95, KN95, or KF94 masks.
  • For students, this means wearing a child-sized surgical mask or child-sized KF94 or KN95.

 Main Office Contact Information: 

Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary


Important Safety Information- Asymptomatic Testing Program

Dear AFCHES Families:

We’ve had a wonderful start to the school year, and it has been incredible to have so many of our students back in school buildings, learning in person! As you know, keeping our school communities safe is a top priority this year. We wanted to share some updates to our school community as it relates to safety mitigation strategies for the school year.  You can always find additional information on our website. 

Asymptomatic Testing Program 
In keeping with the CDC guidance, all Achievement First schools will begin an asymptomatic testing program the week of September 13th.  All unvaccinated staff members will be required to be tested weekly. Additionally, we encourage all students and vaccinated staff members to sign up for the testing program as well. Testing will allow our school to identify outbreaks early and take the proper precautions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in our schools. To learn more about the testing program and sign your scholar up to participate, please complete our Consent Form. Families who opt in will be asked to register with our testing partner, Affinity, in the next two weeks.

Masks outdoors 
Given the CDC guidelines shared in early July, we started the year off mandating that masks are worn at all times indoors, and during arrival and dismissal outdoors. With the spread of the Delta variant, we are adding an additional safety approach. Beginning on September 9th, masks will be worn by students and staff at all times, while both indoors and outdoors on school grounds. Mask breaks will be incorporated into the day – especially during recess periods.

Quarantine Protocols 
As we have previously shared, for the 2021-22 school year we are following local district guidelines for positive cases within our schools. You can review the DOE’s policies on quarantining here.

Stay Home if Sick and/or a Close Contact (remember to use the daily Health Screener!)  As a reminder, please remember to complete the Parent Square Health Screener before leaving for school each day. The screener helps us ensure that everyone coming into our building is symptom-free and has not been exposed to COVID-19. One of our top safety mitigation strategies is encouraging anyone who is feeling sick to stay home.
If your child is experiencing symptoms or has been in close contact with a confirmed positive case, please contact us immediately so we can discuss appropriate next steps. We encourage everyone who is feeling ill to get tested for COVID-19 so they can safely return to school.
Thank you for all that you are doing to support a healthy and safe return to school this fall.
Dr. Johnson and Ms. Cantave 

End of the Year Communication Regarding Next Year

Dear AFCHES families,

Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education during this unique and unprecedented school year. We cannot wait to welcome your child – and all of our scholars – back for in-person school in the fall, and we’re looking forward to partnering with you in the year to come.

As we approach this vital 2021-22 school year, we are focused on::

  • Safety.  This will always be our #1 priority. This year we learned how to operate in-person learning safely and we are hard at work getting buildings ready for next year. We will be upholding a variety of safety protocols — including maximizing space and distance, increasing ventilation, and ensuring mask-wearing and frequent surface cleaning. We will provide more detailed information about our safety procedures in the weeks to come.
  • Honesty & Transparency. We know you likely have questions. We are committed to answering every single one of them. We will be sharing additional information soon,  and please feel free to reach out to the main office after July 15 (all school staff will be on break until that date) with any questions you have about your scholar’s return to in-person learning.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. We wish you and your family a wonderful and safe summer break. We look forward to greeting you on the first day of school in August!

Dr. Johnson and Ms. Cantave

Estimadas familias de AFCHES,

Gracias por confiar en nosotros con la educación de su hijo durante este año escolar único y sin precedentes. Estamos ansiosos por darle la bienvenida a su hijo, y a todos nuestros estudiantes, de regreso a la escuela en persona en el otoño, y estamos ansiosos por asociarnos con usted en el próximo año.

A medida que nos acercamos a este vital año escolar 2021-22, estamos enfocados en:
•Seguridad. Esta será siempre nuestra prioridad número uno. Este año aprendimos cómo operar el aprendizaje en persona de manera segura y estamos trabajando arduamente para preparar los edificios para el próximo año. Mantendremos una variedad de protocolos de seguridad, que incluyen maximizar el espacio y la distancia, aumentar la ventilación y garantizar el uso de mascarillas y una limpieza frecuente de la superficie. Proporcionaremos información más detallada sobre nuestros procedimientos de seguridad en las próximas semanas.
•Honestidad y transparencia. Sabemos que probablemente tenga preguntas. Estamos comprometidos a dar respuesta a todos y cada uno de ellos. Pronto compartiremos información adicional y no dude en comunicarse con la oficina principal después del 15 de julio (todo el personal de la escuela estará de vacaciones hasta esa fecha) con cualquier pregunta que tenga sobre el regreso de su estudiante al aprendizaje en persona.

Gracias por su colaboración y apoyo continuos. Le deseamos a usted y su familia unas maravillosas y seguras vacaciones de verano. ¡Esperamos darle la bienvenida el primer día de clases en agosto!

Dr. Johnson and Ms. Cantave